Sunday, March 10, 2013

BGMC 7 - RFC 5414

Hey! So, I participated in the BGMC 7 and made a quickie little demo called RFC 5414. It was going to be about wireless signals, you being a small robot designated to carry around packages to hotspots, or something like that. However, I ran out of time (and got tripped up a bit with the flight mechanic), so there's no game to it other than just flying around. I'm still glad to have participated, though - I learned some cool things.

One nice thing to come out of it is that I made a Google Code project for my BGE resources, which should be much easier for me to update. Also, I made an input handler, which should make handling input for BGE games much easier. I'll add it to the Google Code project later.

Anyway, here's the download. You'll need a recent version of Blender to play. There are some bugs, most obvious of which is the possibility that the game will spawn you in the middle of a piece of land, so if that happens, just restart. You can use the mouse and keyboard, or a joystick to move around. Space is to jump, and also engages and disengages flight when you're in the air. Hopefully it'll be useful.